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  1. Belinda says:

    Thank you for these posts. I have been studying seriously for years about the Temple and attend regularly and also serve as a worker. Every time I go as a patron or as a worker I feel the spirit teach me and open my mind to new fuller understanding of what the purpose of the Temple is, especially the endowment. I had already come across that line of thought about the endowment and I know there is even more. I feel that the Temple has various levels of understanding ,and as Hugh Nibley said it is the the Lord’s university. Again thank you and I look forward to further posts.

  2. Cytel says:

    Great article! I’ve been working diligently on my belief system for several years now. I recently began praying for Him to help my unbelief, but didnt know exactly what that meant and haven’t been able to see them clearly.

    Through your article I have had some shifts in my perceptions. The biggest being, those unbeliefs are tied to lies Satan has told me, traumas that have occurred, and false beliefs that have been passed down through the generations. Instead of asking help thou my unbelief, I want to say, “show me he beliefs that are not inline with Thee.” I want to receive ALL He had to offer but I know that the only way to do that is to discover the truth. Part of that means uncovering the unbeliefs.

    Thank you for sharing your insights!

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