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  1. sfort says:


    Thanks for posting this. I have come to realize that we already know these things. We were privy to them prior to earthlife. This earthlife is for experience mostly and advancement through these experiences. But as a spirt being, we already know the dynamics of everything. It is in our soul. We are not learning anything, just trying to remember in the flesh. People fear that they won’t know God in this life. That is categorically false teachings. We already know God. He created us and is with us. Alligning our soul with His/Her divine nature will bring more happiness than we now have. We do not live in the past, we live in the now. Our experiences in the now grant us our joy. I will not live as the people of old. I am living now. I do not revere anything in history. That was then. This is now. Anything that stems from fear or control or coersing is not divine; that includes the current Church that relegates all of its dominion shaped around fear and control. We already know God. It is not our duty nor obligation to invent the criteria or need of this to come back to Him/Her. God is infinite love and one eternal round. This is found in my soul and does not stem from a historical people, but is everyone’s gift to know themselves.

    Reading history does not grant us any gift. It is inherent in all mandkind. Because God is love, the highest vibration an entity can dwell in, He/She will not think like man nor pass himself off as a man. We are a lower frequency being in this mortal sphere. Our brains cannot understand absolute, only relative. God dwells in the absolute; therefore, do you think categorically you will ever understand God in the absolute when you are limited? Being limited, forgetting, and searching is our sojourn. We are experiencing. That is our mission. We already have known God. Joy is His mission for us. He/She wants us happy. God gains from our experiences, because by experiencing, we understand that which we were not. That is the only way we gain in fullness. I appreciate your posts.

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