If Any Lack Wisdom

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3 Responses

  1. Melissa Cunningham says:

    So, I found your blog because of Jules, and I have to say, I am feeling SO spiritually fed here! PLEASE post more or maybe even put your older posts up again. She told me you took your blog down for a while.

    I read 5 or 6 posts in one day and your way of looking at things really resonates with me. I would love more!

    • Jeremy says:

      Thank you Melissa. It is a pleasure to hear that someone found something of value that I have shared.

      The blog was down for some time but I think I have everything back up now.

  2. Contemplator says:

    Jeremy, this post is very nicely written. I know that when I started to ask God to help me understand the seeming contradictions between my traditional ideas about God and the verses that you have mentioned, my understanding changed in a real and significant way. I did like you did after reading Lecture 5 of LoF. I also found that there are no mentions of the godhead in scripture that define the godhead to be the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The definition in Lecture 5 (written by two men who saw the vision in D&C 76), is that the Godhead has two personages (Father and Son) and the Holy Spirit (mind and means of oneness). Many places in scripture, though, define the Father, Son and Holy Ghost as one God. Once I came to accept the understanding of God that reconciles these seeming inconsistencies, my faith grew in huge leaps. Thank you for writing these essays. I appreciate reading your thoughts.

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