My First Vision – The First Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood – The Sign

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  1. LB says:

    Thank you for sharing Jeremy!

  2. Melissa Cunningham says:

    How beautiful. Just amazing. I want this for myself so much.

  3. Arianna says:

    Your experiences and guiding thoughts have been an inspiration over the last year or two. I’m so glad that you’re writing again. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience!

  4. Kip says:

    Your comment: “I know that in my journey these words have changed in meaning for me and previous definitions and expectations were a source of unbelief, which in many cases prevented heaven from bestowing desired and sought after knowledge and experience.” is just what I’ve needed to hear. Thanks.

  5. LaRue says:

    Thank you Jeremy! My heart longs for this!

  6. Bob says:

    Jeremy, have you ever read the 2nd Book of Commandments? It’s a continuation of the D&C and talks about how the church leaders in Salt Lake will be dismissed. Check it out at

    • Jeremy says:

      I have not read the material you mention, though I have scanned the site. At this time I have very little interest in reading about church leaders being dismissed. I also have little interest in promoting material that has that as a focus. Is there anything else mentioned in the material that might pertain to the intent of this post? Does the material promote and encourage individuals to find Christ, discover the mysteries of God, love our neighbor or other such principles? If so, please share.

      Are you Robert Crossfield?

      • Bob says:

        The leaders being dismissed is part of a future cleanse that will take place in the Church. Many of the issues you mentioned in the CES Letter are the very reasons the Lord is going to cleanse His house. I thought that this might give you some comfort after seeing what you have gone through recently.

        The 2BC is full of “thus saith the Lord” revelations, so of course it encourages people to find Christ, discover the mysteries of God, prepare for the literal gathering of Israel, etc.

        No, I am not Robert Crossfield, as he is nearly 90 years old and does not use a computer.

      • Jeremy says:

        Thank you for intending to offer comfort. I appreciate your effort. I should let you know that I am not the author of the CES letter. I am aware of the letter, though I am ignorant of its contents. For those who are more informed and concerned, in regards to the contents of that letter, perhaps they will find some comfort in what you have shared.

        As for “thus saith the Lord” revelations, I believe that four word phrases do not make something binding or true. It is my opinion that the Lord doesn’t need to make claim to words that an individual will hear or read. The individual will know by the spirit if the content was from that voice. And if the individual does not know, adding or removing that four word phrase will have little to no impact.

        Again, thank you for your good intentions Bob. But I think you might have me confused with another individual.

  7. Larue Campbell says:

    Thanks ..a beautiful for all to seek and become sactified by

  8. Joel says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    I mean this with no disrespect, but why do you feel the need to share something as sacred as this experience in such a public venue? I have enjoyed a few of your other posts; but when I come across personal accounts of this nature I tend to be little suspicious. Joseph Smith taught to keep these sorts of things to ourselves. Again, I mean this out of no disrespect, just merely looking for your thoughts as to your motivation to share this sacred event on a blog.

    • Jeremy says:

      Joel, thanks for asking. My reason for sharing is to hopefully encourage others to seek further light and knowledge. While I expect people to be suspicious, I don’t fret much over that. I am not seeking recognition or standing and so individuals being suspicious is somewhat comforting. I would regret sharing anything if my word was taken just because I said something. At the same time, I would hope that the suspicion would be a motivator and that these things wouldn’t be cast aside.

      As for Joseph teaching that we keep these sorts of things to ourselves, I understand the sentiment. I also understand in part the importance of sharing and letting truth stand for itself, something else Joseph taught.

      Thank God for Joseph sharing what is called The First Vision. Think of the value that testimony has provided to the world. Many many people have sought a personal relationship with heaven due to Joseph sharing. I am sure Joseph has experienced a large measure of joy due to those individuals gaining that relationship through actions of hope based on his example. If I can offer some small testimony that might have a fraction of the same effect, I expect to experience a similar type of joy.

      As an aside, my sharing is also meant to be supportive of another article I wrote: The Journey – Receiving Our Endowment

      This was a “real world” example of receiving that token. Maybe it will help others accept where they are on their journey.

  9. TrueIntent says:

    Jeremy, I have received what I would describe as my own first token of the melkezedik priesthood. I also, read your site when it was first up and running, and am just now coming back to it after a while today. I can clearly see my path as you often describe through the temple journey, however, the things I have not experienced yet are more fuzzy to me as what the meaning is. I realize the next step is the sure sign–Jesus Christ. My first token of the melkezedik was a sign from HIM in a dream accompanied by a physical energy that he is coming to me at some future point. But I have not yet experienced it. Do you plan to write a post about receiving the second token, and your journey to it?

    • Jeremy says:

      That is awesome!
      I don’t know if or when I will share that. I write these as I feel inspired to do so.

      I would like to offer a thought to consider. You mentioned Jesus Christ as the sure sign. Ponder on that idea and consider if the sure sign is Christ (a title) or Jesus Christ (a person).

  10. TrueIntent says:

    On a side note, would “becoming”the melezedik priesthood have anything to do with it? Hopefully that is not a confusing question. It’s something I am pondering.

    • Jeremy says:

      That is an interesting question. What is the definition of priesthood that you are using? If it is something like motherhood – fatherhood – brotherhood – sisterhood or some other -hood, I would think it is something that we become a part of by becoming a melkezdic. If that is the case, then yes. I think it has a lot to do with it.

      • TrueIntent says:

        Thank you! Yes….becoming a melkezedik….becoming like Him. Thank you for your response. I just last night comprehended the temple ceremony as a whole…beyond the first token of the melkezedik had been fuzzy to me, but things become more clear daily, and last night it took a completely clear picture. Thank you for blogging and taking the time to respond.

  11. In sharing this great experiences it helps others to seek after them and stay on the path

  12. Jentry says:

    I appreciate your experience. My only concern is sharing of temple practices that are promised to not be revealed by covenants. I don’t feel any ill will from you at all. In fact I feel you have a very pure intent. I just felt some of what you shared was very borderline.

    • Chris says:

      The ONLY thing we covenant not to reveal are names, signs, tokens and penalties. Nothing else.

      • Jeremy says:

        I think if people were to take a close look at that covenant there would be a flood of revelation on the topic of the temple ceremonies. There would be more conversations where people didn’t feel restrained and confined and the questions that could be answered would hopefully have answers.

      • Jentry says:

        And the experience of the Saviors hands is what has me question such…

      • Jentry says:

        Perhaps I need to reread the post… but seemed to me that a sign was revealed.

      • TrueIntent says:

        So the reason I felt comfortable sharing is because YES we make a covenant in the temple ceremony to never reveal these things BUT the temple ordinances are “types and shadows”….study what ordinances are according to scripture……they are symbols of the real deal….the ceremony is a symbol of the real deal. So when I made real deal covenants associated with my experience…i made no such covenant to keep it a secret…i made a type or a shadow of the covenant we make in the temple but I didn’t make a covenant not to reveal it. What you say in the temple ceremony is just a “type or shadow or pattern” of what you do in real life. The ceremony has actually been altered many times. Most people don’t realize the temple ceremony is literally meant to be “walked” or “experienced” by the individual. When you attend the temple…you are experiencing a sacred teaching that is meant to be applied. It repeats over and over in scripture–its not hidden in scripture..but definitely not understood as well by those who have not experienced it. And I can’t imagine why God wouldn’t want me to testify of my experience. It came as a result of deep prayer, and pondering….and I received a witness not realizing in advance what I had just done. I made the covenant…and then the witness came…AND THEN i realized I was patterning the ordinances…not the other way around. Faith ALWAYS precedes the miracles…it not by our works…WE SHOW FAITH by our works…but faith comes first. I have had more than one witness at this point…all by trying to better myself first, acting through faith, and then the work comes…Then I had a witness..i.e. token or sign given me.

    • Jeremy says:

      Thank you for your comments. My intentions do not including divulging things that are covenanted to not be divulged. I think that if anyone were to take a close look at that covenant and then show me where I have broken that covenant, I would remove the content from the site.

      I don’t share to offend or to rebel. I share with the intent to build and uplift.

      • Jentry says:

        I don’t feel any rebellion from your post. In fact I think it’s very beautiful. Just some of the specific details had me question.

  13. Gerard Cattin says:

    Thank you for sharing your “sign” experience. Did you notice anything that prompted this experience before it happened, say, a learning, a change of heart, a renewed commitment, etc? I like to think that the Lord is bidding us to come, just wondering what prompts such moment to engage them, or invite them, or being able to allow, abide in them. Not sure how to phrase this. One prepares the best we can, put our lives on the holiness track, but don’t really know how to venture down that celestial journey to receive the fullness…

    • Jeremy says:

      Yes. A sincere search for further light and knowledge which manifested an obedience in me that I had previously not experienced. That brought about a pruning process that was difficult to endure but worth the discomfort.

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